Why Do Guys Shave Their Private Area

Brazilian waxing is incredibly popular among women. When it comes to men, be it Brazilian waxing or shaving, it’s increasing in popularity. Especially shaving since it doesn’t involve a lot of pain and a more expansive maintenance strategy. Every day, more men are subscribing to manscaping.

Now, even though some people claim that there are health benefits, most women do it for aesthetical reasons. Still, when it comes to men, the story might be different. The point is that the number of guys that are shaving their private area increases more and more.

That got me wondering, why do guys shave their private area? Guys shave their private area to make their penis look larger. Of course, they also shave it for health reasons and hygiene. Also, women are attracted to men that are either shaved or trimmed, but the main reason is to make their penis look larger.

A larger penis not only looks nice, but it gives guys more confidence. And there’s nothing that a confident man can’t do. This is why it’s so important to be able to feel good about every single area of your body. Your confidence will show. The same way that if you aren’t confident, people can tell.  To increase even further your confidence in your penis size, click here to view a program on penis enhancement that I recommend.

So, if you want to know all the reasons guys shave and much more, continue reading and find out below. As you’ll see, shaving may be the best thing you’ll do for your sex life.

Shaving Makes Your Penis Look Larger

The main reason any guy shaves their private area is that it makes it look bigger. The reason this happens is that the pubic hair hides parts of the penis, making it look smaller than it actually is. So, when you remove all that hair that was there before, the entirety of the penis becomes visible.

Not only that but removing the hair also removes a lot of visual information. This makes it easier for the brain to concentrate on one single area instead of a bunch of things going on around it. This immediately helps the brain perceive the penis as bigger to anyone.

Now, you should shave, especially if you’ve never done it before, to test for yourself and see if you like it. You may experience some itchiness but your penis will look larger. That is enough reason to go ahead and try it. Just make sure that you don’t cut yourself or anything.

So, as you can see, the main reason more guys are shaving their private area every day is that it immediately makes their penis look larger. Even if you constantly do it, the effect will continue to be there.

It Is Healthy For Your Pubic Area

Another reason to shave your private area is for health reasons. Personal hygiene is crucial to have great health in your private area. Shaving off that hair will make your private area cleaner and less prone to bacterial infection. This is why you should shave your private area for health reasons.

Hair increases and accumulates sweat. In turn, the sweat creates moist that is perfect for bacterial growth. This turns into a bacterial infection that is hard to get rid of. As you can see, this all happens because you don’t shave. Every time you sweat, you create the condition for a possible bacterial infection.

Now, besides infection and diseases, hygiene is important. When you don’t shave, all that hair helps bad smell to form. It also creates a condition for dirt to accumulate. As you’ll notice, the more hair you have in your private area, the worst it will be for your hygiene.

So, make sure to shave your hair in your private area regularly. It will not only make your penis look larger but it will also improve your personal hygiene and the health of your pubic area.

It Is More Inviting To Women

When it comes to your sex life, shaving your private area has only benefits. When you shave your pubic hair, you make it more inviting to your partner. Women prefer to perform oral sex when you are shaved down there. After all, no one wants to have pubic hair in their mouths.

Even if it’s not for oral sex, shaving your private are will make your penis look not only larger but nicer.  If you would like to view a program that I recommend on developing a larger penis, click here.  This will make it more appealing to your partner. It shows to women that you not only take care of your grooming but that you are also taking care of your personal hygiene.

You can basically say that shaving your private area will improve your sex life. It can even be something that you use to shake things up and make things a novelty again. The point is that shaving your private area can definitely make you more desirable to women.

So, make sure to not only start shaving but to keep doing it regularly. You’ll notice that the response will be much better immediately.

Shaving Creates New Sensations

When you shave your private area, you get access to areas and feelings that you weren’t able to before. All that hair was removed and what was left is your skin ready to feel again. Those spots have the power to create new physical sensations for you.

So, when you shave, you’ll become open to new sensations. This can, obviously, improve your sex life. It’s a great way to improve things and explore new territory. Everything will feel better with the new, shaved you. Your skin will be more responsive to touch.

This means that you can feel things better. Imagine how much better your sex life can get. Now, you don’t have to imagine, you can just go ahead and try it. There are just too many reasons not to do it. Your penis will look larger, women will love it, you’ll have better hygiene, and you’ll feel new sensations.

So, as you can see, shaving your private area is a great idea, especially when it’s so you can feel new sensations. Just be careful not to cause rashes or allergic reactions from shaving.

Shaving Eliminates Bad Smell

All that sweat proliferates bacteria. In turn, this favors the formation of bad smell. Men that don’t shave are way more likely to have a bad smell down there than any other. If you shave or trim it, you’re less likely to smell bad in your private area. This is a simple solution to a big problem.

Now, when you’re completely shaved, there’s less chance that you’ll have a bad smell. Remember that bad smell doesn’t come from your skin or the sweat. It comes from bacteria that is present on the skin. These same bacteria will cause body odor.

So, the best you can do to improve your smell is to shave. Removing the pubic hair will make the area cleaner and less prone to bacteria growth. Just keep your manscaping regularly, and you won’t experience bad smell anymore.

How To Shave Without Itching

Now, it’s very common to feel itchiness after you have shaved. The most common reasons why that happens is that hair is growing and that causes the itch sensation that you might be experiencing. Now, there’s a way to decrease or avoid altogether the itching.

The best way to shave without itching is to use lotions and the right cream for shaving. Also, keep your private area always clean. Bacteria may also be the case if you’re itching right now. It causes an infection that in turn have many side effects.

So, make sure to use the right products for shaving and aftershave, and keep your private area clean. If you do that, the itching will stop and you’ll be able to shave normally.

If You Don’t Like It, Trim It

Now, there are a few guys that have tried shaving but didn’t like the results. Some people don’t like to be completely hairless. The best solution for this is to trim down all the hair. You’ll have better hygiene and women will still prefer it over men that go completely hairy.

The secret is to trim down as much as you can. Don’t leave any part out of your trimming. Focus on removing as much hair as you can to create a clean environment and avoid the diseases that hair may help you get.

So, make sure that you use good scissors and that you trim it down as much as you can. Now, do it regularly to not allow hair to grow back again.

Related Questions

Should Guys Shave Their Shaft?

Yes, it helps keep it clean and disease free. A lot of STDs have their chances of being contracted if their private area is full of pubic hair. This is why you should shave your shaft. That and the fact that women find it more attractive.

Health Benefits Of Shaving Pubic Hair?

The health benefits of shaving your pubic hair are the control of bacteria in your private area. That reduces the chances of certain disease and improve your personal hygiene. Make sure to keep shaving regularly and that you use the lotions and products for the part that comes afterward.

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