What to Wear for a Lap Dance (Outfits to Turn Things Out)

From new boyfriends to loyal husbands—one and all—a good lap dance is a lustful and appetizing way to excite your man into a standing ovation. Whether you are curvy or slim, you can use the lap dance which is intuitive and personal for a high impact and natural way to get rock hard appreciation.

You do not need any extravagant outfits, expensive lingerie, or corny accessories; you can simply use what you already own for an impressive and mouth-watering lap dance. 

Closet Essentials for a Good Lap Dance

You may already have what you need for your next arousing lap dance. Here are some essentials that can help with the climax of your little show by creating suspense and a little striptease excitement:

Pretty Panties. For a pleasant and impressive final reveal or bare bones beginning, you will want a mouth-watering set of panties for immediately creating a sense of desirability and sexiness. Consider that you do not need any other garment more for the lap dance than a good set of underwear, meaning that you should choose a panty that you enjoy dancing in and that can survive the full encounter you are likely to inspire.

Boasting Bra. Since you will be exerting yourself with greater attention and duration than perhaps you are used to, you will also want to choose a bra (with straps or strapless) that shows off your girls all on its own. Remember that you do not need more than the bra (and panties) to impress, so you should choose something that is worth the coin. If you are concerned about your breast size, click here to view a program that I recommend that will help to increase your breast size naturally. 

Anything Else. The best lap dances come from flattering your body and creating suspense and desire through your movements. The best lap dance outfit will come from those two considerations, meaning that you will need to use your imagination to come up with a fitting choice that will show off your body and be easily removed during your movements.

Possible Variations for Your Standing Ovation


  • Panty Possibilities


Using your intimate knowledge of your partner, prepare yourself to take on a certain fantasy. If you have a good idea of what your man watches in his private time or what he likes from your collection, ensure that you are ready with the panty that promotes a happy ending after the lap dance is done.

Additionally, consider what stimulates and excites you enough to maintain someone’s undivided attention and admiration during your routine. It is necessary for your partner that you feel comfortable, sexy, and confident in your selection and not go for anything that will make you shy or restrained in your movements.

Finally, choose your panty in advance so that you can properly wear it comfortably and present it at its best for the most gains in inches and applause. The ideal starting position for any lap dance is a confident woman in a flattering garment with full control over her body and its presentation.


  • Bra Options


The best hold of the girls and most effective for a big turnout is a bra that forms a snug and sexy hug of your breasts. The bra itself may be attractive and fanciful so that you can impress both while wearing and easily removing the clasp for a fine, fine finale. When in doubt you should choose a bra that compliments you but is not bad to look at on its own since you will want every detail of your lap dance to be appetizing and inspiring.

Strapless Bras

Lap dances that feature a minimal bra and maximum skin are the most common way of commanding attention during your private performance. The lack of straps helps to create the impression of near nudity to the point of perfection which stimulates the imagination as well as the fluidity of your movements. However, some women may find it difficult to wear and feel sexy in a strapless bra because of how they hold the rib cage and breasts. To avoid any mishap or early reveal, you may want to choose a bra with straps for your dance.

Bras with Straps

A bra with straps is helpful for your heated dance if you find that a strapless bra actually limits your comfort level and movements while you are supposedly letting loose for your partner. A bra with straps may be more secure and less minimal, but it may add increased control over how you present yourself over his lap that could result in a better outcome in the end.


  • Other


If your lap dance has a story—or at least a clear beginning, reveal, and happy end—you can use more accessories or clothing items to improve the appetizing and intimate nature of your show. Strip teasing can be an effective beginning and reveal to your lap dance for increasing the length and distance your partner will go to leave the dance without the blues.

For the maximum effect and return on your investment of sex appeal, you can choose clothes that are easily removed with a few simple and appetizing gestures. Think ease and access as you choose possible additions to your bra and panty selection.

Clothing Thoughts: Getting a Standing Ovation throughout your Routine

An innumerable set of possible clothes and undergarments, an immense set of possible stylings and colors of clothing—this is no easy choice to make for your most stunning lap dance. A lap dance itself seems like a simple and no-fuss way to show yourself off, excite a dance partner, and turn a profit—even if it is one of mere self-satisfaction—but even the smallest, most minimal choices of bra and panties requires thought and excellence in execution.

The best experience for both partners during the lap dance will come from choosing clothing based on the criteria discussed above which emphasizes comfort, control, and confidence. Think about what makes you feel comfortable and sexy. Next, consider what you can move in and move out of to make for a surprising and sultry show. Finally, what in your wardrobe gives you that edge (and makes them edge) as you dance and show off your assets.

If you feel that have larger breasts will enhance the experience for your partner, click here to view a program that I recommend that naturally increases breast size. 

A lap dance is a woman’s way of taking desire and appeal into her own bosom. It saves many an evening and creates an unforgettable experience for both partners when done correctly. Don’t think that the outfit itself will do the hard work of getting a rise from your man, but do use clothing choices to your advantage. Using this thought process, it should be a matter of time before you ask the tough questions, practice, and make the final selection of the best and most appealing clothes to wear to get the job done right.

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