What Does Female Sperm Look Like (The Feminine Mystique)

It is unusual how a woman completely female, rather than a man’s man, could be accused of having sperm of a certain look. After all, what does it mean to ask about female sperm since women do not produce swimmers at all? All the math is there: Women must cum too.

But is she really always steps away in the heated, passionate exchange or during routine, married sex from setting off with a burst of white semen? Perhaps our question should be a little different than wondering about women who produce something white and milky during hot sex. Click here to view a program that I recommend that helps to increase her arousal level during sex.

While trolls and forum editors offer you telling and retelling, promising the undisputed truth on the matter, we here at LargerWang.com have inquired, “What does female sperm look like?” In other words, we have answered in this post that mysterious question, “What does female ejaculation look like?”

Since it is true, that sperm itself is male, while some women do ejaculate a completely different bodily fluid during orgasm. The liquid that women produce at orgasm is not so different than sperm except that it contains no genetic material and, oddly, does not serve a clear biological function.

You may not know what to expect when you hear the words “female ejaculate” and be thinking of a milky white fluid that contains little swimmers, and that is not far from the truth. Read on to find out what female ejaculate is, what it looks like, and why it exists. The answer is surprising! There are in fact two forms of female ejaculate to understand and to witness. Consider reading on to learn about this feminine mystique.

What Female Sperm or Ejaculate Is

At orgasm, some women can produce a large amount of liquid known as “female ejaculate” that is comparable to a glass of water. Many men have seen this production in films or in person that women can produce a large amount of liquid, but is this female sperm? Others produce just a little milky, white liquid at this stage of orgasm. This white and milky substance is more readily recognized as looking like sperm produced by women.

In a study, when women were asked to masturbate and stimulate themselves by themselves or with a partner, it was confirmed that female ejaculate has nothing to do with the bladder, but rather concerns the female prostate. The study found that some of the women studied were releasing a great deal of liquid while stimulating themselves that led to more questions.

Some women do let out liquid from their urethra when they cum, some do not. Additionally, some women let out two kinds of liquid during orgasm which led to the primary finding of the study. In truth, there are two kinds of ejaculate that women produce at orgasm.

What Female Sperm or Ejaculate Looks Like

True ejaculate contains a white and milky antigen created by the prostate—in men—and the Skene glands—in women. The short answer to the question of female sperm is that it really looks a lot like white and milky sperm. When it comes to what female sperm looks like, the best answer is that female ejaculate is a white and milky liquid created by the female prostate since researchers have described this as true ejaculate compared to “squirting” which is identical with urine.

Whereas, the liquid that wets the sheets produced by females is chemically identical to urine and also originates in the urethra. This second liquid is watery and transparent in appearance. If this second liquid is part of the question of mysterious female ejaculation, the answer is that female ejaculate looks watery and thin.

It seems that this is truly a trick question since women do not produce sperm but do produce sperm-looking cum and a second, surprise fluid from the bladder.

Why Females Ejaculate or Produce Female Sperm

Researchers are unsure what role female ejaculation plays in biological reproduction, but it seems that every woman is capable of producing what some men call “female sperm.” Every woman has the glands and tissues that are responsible for creating the spermy-white liquid that only some women produce at orgasm. Still, since it is not the habit of every woman to produce ejaculate or “squirt,” we will still have to wonder why some females ejaculate or produce female sperm.

Some scientists have suggested that it has to do with the size and shape of the female prostate which releases fluid to the bladder during orgasm since some women are not known to produce any “sperm” at orgasm. The fact that some women do not produce “sperm” at orgasm continues to baffle and stun scientists as well as men in general since it is clear that only men need to produce sperm for biological reproduction.

Finishing Up: The Two Mysterious Forms of Female Ejaculate

So you are wondering what it would look like if your female partner shot a load of creamy ejaculate that wets the bed? As we discussed in this article, there are three basic things to know about the mysterious substance of female ejaculate otherwise known as “female sperm.”

  1. Women do not produce sperm.

Remember that sperm is a male-only liquid that contains the genetic material needed to biologically reproduce. What women produce is other than sperm, despite how it appears to the naked eye. It is also not sperm in spite of the fact that it is produced by the female equivalent of the prostate.

  1. Women can produce two kinds of liquid during orgasm.

Cum that is produced by women can be of two kinds. The first kind of ejaculate is chemically identical to urine; the second which is “true ejaculate” comes from the female Skene’s glands. Sometimes both are released together.

  1. True female ejaculate is watery in appearance.

The female equivalent of the male prostate are the Skene’s glands.  These glands are responsible for creating true female ejaculate. They are both opaque and viscous. The obvious answer to the question of the feminine mystique is: It looks like watered down sperm. Click here to view a program that I recommend that will teach you to bring her to a high level of sexual excitement time and time again.

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