What Does Erectile Dysfunction Feel Like

Couples are supposed to satisfy each other in many ways. Sexual satisfaction is a crucial aspect of many relationships. Some men face challenges when it comes to fulfilling their women in bed. Erectile dysfunction commonly referred to as impotence is a common condition in men. The problem affects both men and women in the relationship and at times undermining the relationship. Click here to view a program on erectile dysfunction that I recommend.

Many happily married couples end up breaking up because of such challenges; this is due to ignorance or lack of knowledge on how to control ED. Despite its many causes, erectile dysfunction is a condition that can be managed to avoid its adverse effects in a relationship. The article will majorly dwell on its causes, consequences and the solutions.

A) Major Causes of Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is a common phenomenon, especially in Latin America. The condition the age bracket of twenty to forty years. Therefore, precautions have been put in place to deal with the problem. The following items are the primary causes of erectile dysfunction.

1) Drug Misuse

Both legal and illegal drugs at one point can lead to one having erectile dysfunction. Some people get to react with certain legal drugs and even medication thus resulting in the disorder. When taking a specific prescribed medication and you notice symptoms of the condition; see a physician for further directions.

There are legal drugs such as alcohol and tobacco that people take, especially youth for recreational purposes. In the early stages these drugs seem to be stimulants but later on, their impact is very adverse. One should stop the misuse of narcotics and cease from smoking.

2) Hormonal Imbalance

Men experiencing low testosterone levels are prone to suffer erectile dysfunction. Continuous and long-term use of ARV’S affects the production of hormones in men. The thyroid disease that inhibits secretion of thyroid hormone by thyroid glands can at times lead to the condition. Getting a permanent solution of the challenge at times becomes difficult.

When one notices these symptoms and visits the physician, proper directions are given to control the situation, and one should take anabolic drugs to boost the production and balancing of hormones.

3. Nervous System Challenge

For a good erection, there must be a proper transfer of stimuli from the brain via the spinal cord to the genitals. Erection is disabled due to lack of stimuli once this process is altered. Spinal cord damages or a nervous system breakdown changes many body functions. Physical injury to the spinal cord or diseases such as diabetes or stroke is what causes the harm.

4. Depression

Sex begins in one’s mind. It becomes a challenge for one to get erect once the brain is not in a good state. Depression can reduce sexual desire. A significant problem can arise with the drugs used in controlling depression. These drugs may lead to sex desire suppression hence a challenge to get an erection as well as a delayed organism.

5. Stress

Life at times becomes too complicated due to many responsibilities and daily challenges. Overworking can affect sleep patterns. Lack of enough recreational time leads to the build-up of stress. The stress can take over one’s whole body including the penis hence disabling erection.

6. Anxiety Is another Great Cause

Nervousness can cost one a lot, the fear of not meeting the expected level of performance in bed can hinder sexual performance. There are various daily variables that can cause fear; such as a cheating spouse fearing to be discovered or fear when performing sexually in a compromised situation.

7. Body Mass Is Also a Well-Known Cause of the Erectile Dysfunction

Many people that are obese feel that they are healthy.  Some parents do not realize that their obese kid is endangering their health. Being obese can cause erectile problems.

8. One’s Self-Esteem Matters A Lot in a Relationship

Being proud of oneself is a very crucial aspect of life. Living in denial of having low-esteem is very dangerous. If one does not accept their shortcomings and look for a way to improve, they might end up with erectile problems.

9. Diet Is another Vital Aspect To Check If You Have Erectile Dysfunction

Many people eat until they are full. A balanced diet is very healthy for our bodies; not only for the circulation but also for energy. When one is energetic, it means the penis is also active and can maintain an erection for longer periods. A good erection needs sufficient calories.

10. Smoking Itself Is a Threat to a Proper Erection

Many people, especially youths, smoke for the fun of it. Smoking creates negative health impacts such as blocking the veins and arteries hence creating poor blood circulation. Insufficiently oxygenated blood in the penis makes it unable to stay erect.

11. Excessive Cholesterol in the Body

Good health means the whole body is doing well and all its parts are functioning ordinarily including the penis. When one eats meals with too much fat, there is the probability that the excess fats are deposited in the arteries causing blockages.

When one cannot breathe well, and the blood cannot get enough oxygen, it means, there is a deficiency in oxygenated blood circulated in the whole body including the penis. For that, the shortage of oxygenated blood in the penis makes it dull and unable to withstand erection for long. Once the condition is not quickly taken care of, the penis becomes totally dysfunctional.

12. Genital Diseases

Health is wealth. Poor health makes life very dull. When one suffers genital or kidney disorders, the erectile system becomes disabled. The challenge makes the manhood unable to withstand the pressure for the required time. At times, the penis can embarrass one by substandard performance while other times you can face total misfortune; that means that the penis can fail to rise to the occasion thus total dysfunction can occur.

B) What Are The Symptoms Of Erectile Dysfunction?

The condition leads to an inability for one to withstand erection for the required time resulting in poor performance. The dysfunction symptoms are as shown below;

I. Trouble Getting An Erection

Due to various challenges as discussed earlier, when the problem arises; it means that the penis can no longer stay erect throughout intercourse.

2) Reduction In One’s  Desire To Have Sex Intercourse

When one realizes they are facing the erection challenge, most tend to shy off from reality especially on matters pertaining to sex. If the altitude is not checked and the condition controlled on time, one will end up losing interest in sex altogether.

3.) Challenge In Maintaining the Erection for the Appropriate Time

Due to their state, they fear embarrassment hence most keep away from sexual partners and live a single life.

4). Size of the Penis is Reduced

Someone that is obese can have a belly that protrudes hence making their manhood shrink.

C) What Are the Major Complications Accompanied By This Condition

The challenge comes with numerous personal and social complications, among the major ones are as discussed below.

One Leads a Miserable Life Full Of Stress

The condition makes one either a poor performer in bed or very inactive. Most of the people who suffer on such grounds keep to themselves hence building up stress. Due to loneliness and life stress, the person’s health also starts deteriorating. Most of the people suffering such disorders do isolate themselves.

Many Face Relationship Problems, Sometimes Leading to a Breakup

Due to poor performance in bed, couples without knowledge of what they are facing end up playing blaming games instead of seeking medical expert advice and services. When the blames becomes too much, most of the couples end up parting ways. In such instances; they would be better seek counseling services alongside medical services to control the condition and to cope with the situation.

Low Esteem Especially Due To An Unsatisfactory Sex Life

Poor erection makes one feel unworthy due to the failure of meeting the expected goal.

D) What Are The Most Effective Ways To Control Erectile Dysfunction?

It is always good to manage erectile dysfunction and maintain one’s potency even though the challenge is pervasive with the aging generation. Following are some of the primary ways to control the condition;

Healthy Eating

The meals we eat matter a lot. It is always advisable to eat healthy meals that are compatible with the heart to facilitate the pumping of blood to the whole body which includes the penis. The most recommended foods are whole grains, lots of vegetables and fruits, fish, nuts and olive oil. Proper maintaining of diets leads to a high libido.

Exercising Is Very Vital For Good Libido

It is recommendable to burn excess fats in the body to avoid cholesterol deposition within the arteries. Regular exercise especially yoga makes one more flexible and up to the task. Exercise manages the body weight hence reducing the instances of diabetes and obesity. Good circulation maintains the health of the penis.

Keep Away From Anabolic Steroids

These are drugs abused by the bodybuilders and athletes. They have very adverse health effects like the shrinking of the balls. There have been cases of certain steroids that cause erectile dysfunction


Erectile dysfunction is increasingly affecting many men as time goes by. Men are advised to take into consideration medical advice given by a medical professional.  With a happy sexual life, most relationships will thrive. Click here to read about a program on erectile dysfunction that I recommend.

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