Shea Butter for Penis Growth

There are some types of issues that men don’t like to talk about, and their penis size is one of them. Almost every man, at one time or another, has thought of finding a way to grow their penis. Although a quick internet search leaves you without any real alternatives then “This simple trick will ensure your growth”. However, do not give up hope just yet! Shea Butter might actually be the one item that can possibly help you out in trying to make your penis larger and more appealing. Nevertheless, if you are looking for a complete program that focuses on penis enlargement, click here to view a system that I recommend.

Is shea utter effective in penis growth? Shea Butter promotes skin elasticity and skin growth, which if given enough time can affect the overall size and girth of your penis. So yes, you can actually increase your size and growth, but not in increasing mass or musculature. 

Shea butter itself is the product of the shea nut tree found in Africa. Once the tree nut is refined, its applications cover a wide range of needs. Shea butter is the most prevalent as a skin care and beauty product ingredient. Shea butter has also been used as a supplement for oil in many different African regions. Shea butter also has medicinal purposes as well, such as inflammatory and is capable of blocking ultraviolet rays.

Ways that Shea Butter will help to Increase Penis Size and Girth

Let us get this misconception out of the way first hand, there is not any type of pill that can cause your penis to magically grow. Most types of “growth” medicine are either sugar pills or a concoction of different types of over the counter drugs. As such staying away from those is a recommended.

However according to modern medicine and surgeons working in the field of “penis enlargement surgery,” there are a couple of ways to increase your overall penis size. One of the most assured ways is increasing your skin elasticity.

How does shea butter hold up in increasing skin elasticity? Pretty well actually, when applied to other parts of the body you can find that shea butter decreases wrinkles and ensures your skin stays supple. Lotion is often times used as lubrication to the penis, in order to ensure that no friction burns or discomfort occur. Interestingly certain kinds of lotions can cause different types of effects, and shea Butter has one of the best effects around.

Shea Butter Decreases Roughness, Help Tissue to Stretch

As talked about above, shea Butter can cause your skin to stretch, potentially allowing for more girth and overall growth to your penis. According to surgeons working in “Male Enhancement”, one aspect of the surgery is stretching the skin to accommodate more mass. An easy way to remember it is, the better the skin elasticity, the bigger the penis size.

This might seem strange to understand but broken down, the science behind your penis is vast. Without getting into an hour-long explanation, your penis is like a balloon. The blood flow to your penis allows for your muscle to expand, but your skin is what keeps it all together. If you try to stretch out the skin of your penis, it might break or cause discomfort.

Shea Butter can also be used for different applications in the bedroom, such as being used as lubrication. Given the fact that the odds of being allergic are non-existent shea butter should be able to be used with ease and can help with your partner’s skin and tissue as well.

Shea Butter Reduces Cracks in Dry Skin

Shea butter has been used for a multitude of skin issues, from eczema to rashes.  The restorative properties of shea butter are well documented and are do impart by the makeup of the butter itself. Shea butter has vitamins A, E, and F, all of which are known for ensuring your skin remains supple and well taken care of.

Their chemical make-up is very similar to medicinal skin products. Another reason why shea butter is so largely used by women for facial care is due to the fact that it does not clog up pores and is absorbed completely through the skin without issues.  Shea butter oil is also used for extreme skin issues, like eczema and often times is used for scalp and hair products as a moisturizer.

Lack of Soreness When Using Shea – Great for Performing Penis Growth Exercises

The beauty of shea butter is if applied frequently enough it can help the skin of your penis to become easier to stretch out when erect. This can be done passively where you apply it after you shower and allow it to sit throughout the day or night. Another way is to apply shea butter before any type of sexual activity or arousal. Your skin will begin to get used to this extra elasticity and in time you will begin to grow in size bit by bit.

Shea butter is also a great lubricator as explained above, but another aspect to the butter is its consistency and its great use for lubrication. A great lubricator is something that ensures that there will little to no danger of getting friction burns. Another reason why shea butter is one of the best choices for lube is its the effect on the skin, as even if there are some vigorous action occurring the butter should ensure that your skin won’t tear as easily.

Related Questions:

1. Why is Shea Butter Better than Cocoa Butter for Penis Health?

Shea butter is better for penis health for a couple of reasons. One of them is that people with skin issues or sensitive skin can apply shea butter without any fear of skin irritation. As of writing, there have been no documented cases of any type of allergy to shea butter.

In a study undertaken by the Nebraska Food Allergy Research and Resource Program, in the research article Shea Nut Butter, “…refined shea nut butter does not pose any known or likely allergenic risk to consumers including individuals with pre-existing peanut or tree nut allergies. Products containing refined shea butter can be safely used by all consumers.” As opposed to cocoa butter which about 15% of the population has some sort of reaction to it.

Cocoa butter has also been seen to cause allergic reactions in those who have not had them in the past. Just be safe and steer clear from this type of self-care item unless you know for a fact you will not be irritated by it.

2. Will Shea Butter Darken Penis Skin?

No, shea butter will not darken penis skin. In fact, there will be little change in the overall color of your penis if frequently used. The only effect shea butter has on appearance is making it have a brighter sheen and an overall healthier look.

If you were using a skin whitening cream or a cream that is used for clearing up blemishes, it would cause your penis to turn a brighter shade of your skin color. The only way to darken your penis skin is by going out and sunbathing it, and that might not even work as it is dependent on your natural skin tone.

3. Will Raw Shea Butter Make the Penis Smell Bad?

Yes, raw shea butter can make the penis smell bad. Keep in mind that shea butter will not smell bad at first and will have a pleasant earthy or nutty smell. Depending on whether you have a foreskin or not, you could begin to see issues in the smelling department with an hour or two of application. The men with foreskin might need to clean off their penis after a long day as the excess raw shea butter not absorbed into the skin can begin to accumulate bacteria and begin to smell bad.

The men without foreskin might find themselves without too much of an issue, as the excess raw shea butter will either be absorbed into the skin or rubbed off onto the inside of their underpants. These men might still deal with the same smell but as the excess shea butter will be left on the underpants and can also accumulate foul-smelling bacteria. Click here to view a program on penis enlargement that does not involve materials that can affect odor.

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