Penile Traction Exercises (Enlarge your Penis)

It is of utmost importance to many men that their penis remain in great health for improved sex lives. Many men desire that their penises be large.

Some men go as far as performing surgery to elongate their penises. Such procedures can involve cutting the ligaments that connect the penis to the pubic bone causing the hidden part of the penis to come into view. To view a program that does not involve surgery, I recommend that you click here.

The same concept is applied to penile traction exercises where the said ligaments are gradually stretched resulting in penis elongation.   Nevertheless, exercise is the most effective way to attain permanent penile elongation

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The following are the basic penis elongation exercises;

Upward pulling

Hold the head of your penis stretching it upwards for about ten seconds. Repeat the procedure holding it downward, right and left. Repeat it twice every day for about five minutes with a one minute break before changing the direction of the stretch. This should be done with a flaccid penis.

Forward pulling

In this exercise, hold the head of your penis, pull it forward with your other hand on the its base, use your thumb to press it as your other hand lifts it up, hold it for about ten seconds repeat this to the right and the left making sure to create some tension, keep up the stretching for about five minutes make sure not to stretch downwards. Done with a flaccid penis.

Pull back

Firmly press your penis placing your thumbs over the shaft and the remaining fingers under it to provide support firmly press the penis into your body, though firm ensures that blood circulation is not cut off.

Holding this position for about ten seconds, relax then repeat the procedure one or two times a day five minutes for each session. Best results are obtained if you are able to pull your penis far back enough. Perform this exercise when either flaccid or semi-erect.


Place one hand at the head of your penis and the other at its base, tug in opposite direction with the hand at the tip of your penis pulling away from your body and the one at the base towards the body hold the stretch for about ten seconds and repeat the procedure for about five minutes, one or two times a day.

When performing these stretches, you need to use your judgment. The aim is to stretch your penis to comfortable limits and not trying to rip it off your body going beyond your limit will only bring you problems rather than any benefits.

If you find it hard to hold a strong grip on your penis head, wrap a towel and grip it. It will help you have a strong grip and long enough.

Jelqing exercise

This is an ancient exercise having an Arabic origin, said to have been passed from father to son.  It is known to help improve the girth of your penis by gradually stretching the tissue around the erectile tissue in the penis.

This helps the tissues to expand outwards during an erection and thus increase in the girth of your penis. Higher than normal volumes of blood is forced into the erectile tissues, causing more pressure on the tissues surrounding them.

Results are visible after just a few months. Doctors have stated that the permanent enlarged penis has no negative effect on sexual function.

The best time to perform the Jelqing is after the stretching exercise as it makes the penile tissues ready to safely cope with the Jelqing demands as they can be intense.

This technique utilizes the blood trapped in the penis. A full erection can result in too much pressure and possibly injury.  Just 70-80% of your full erection is recommended. With practice, one is able to gauge the correct level of erection.

With your semi-erection, apply a lubricant on your penis; preferably baby oil.  Hold the base of your penis with your thumb and fingerto trap the blood. Maintaining the grip on your penis base, slowly move your hand along the shaft.

The blood in the penis is forced forward towards the head causing the part of your penile past the grip to swell as you force more blood forward.  The erectile tissue expand beyond the normal limit causing more pressure to the underlying tissues.

Take 2-3 seconds to move your hand from your base to your tip.  As you get to the end of your shaft, use your other hand to grip your base.  With your other hand, perform the slow motion on your shaft. Keep alternating your hands to repeat the procedure.

After completing the exercise and the penis has lost its erection, you should notice that your penis is much thicker, hanging lower than usual and the veins on the shaft are more prominent.

Horizontal movement

As with the jelqing exercise, your penis needs to be semi-erect for this exercise.  Apply a lubricant generously on your shaft. With your left hand, grasp the base firmly to trap the blood in your penile shaft.

With your right hand, grasp just before the head of your penis firmly. This ensures that the blood is trapped in the shaft.  Slowly slide your right hand from the head of your penis towards your left hand ensuring you maintain a firm grip. This ensures that the blood is trapped in your shaft.

It uses the same principle as Jelqing exercise to induce penile growth thus increased girth. In case of discomfort or irritation, you will need to stop. Click here to view a program that I recommend that does not cause any discomfort.

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