Jelqing Routine for Length and Girth (Getting a Bigger Bulge)

From college students to married men—man to man—the jelqing technique has been a helpful tool for increasing length and girth for centuries. Whether you’re big or small, you can use this technique which is simple and easy for a low-effort and natural way to get a bigger bulge. You do not need any complicated products, supplements, or accessories; you can simply use this jelqing routine for length and girth.   Click here to view a program that I recommend that increases the length and girth of a penis.

In this post, we cover a jelqing routine for length and girth as well as the essential four exercises: dry, wet, lateral, and v-jelqing. We cover these four techniques so that you can create your own winning jelqing routine that fits your length and girth goals.

Necessities of Jelqing Routines

You may already have what you need for your daily jelqing routine. Here are some essentials that can help with the experience and result of elongating and thickening your penis.

  • Lube. For a pleasant and effective jelqing experience, you will want a water-based lube for evenly stimulating length and girth during your exercise. Considering you are not paying for any other complex equipment, choose a lube you enjoy the experience of and that lasts for a full 20-minute session of enhancement.
  • Timer. Since you will be exercising yourself to greater lengths and widths over a 20-minute period, you will want to set a timer (on your phone or a kitchen timer). This is preferred as not to overwork or over-stretch your penis in a single session.
  • Stimulation. The best jelqing results come from stretching and stimulating your penis at partial hardness, meaning that you will need to use your thoughts or another material to maintain a baseline of erectness during your exercise. Choose something that is not going to get you too excited or not excited enough.

Jelqing Steps for the Most Length and Girth

1. Preparation

Use your selected lubricant to prep your penis for a long stretch. If you have chosen a water-based lubricant, ensure that you apply enough to continue to exercise without too much friction for a full 20-minutes.

Secondly, get yourself stimulated and excited enough to maintain 50 to 75 percent of your maximum erection. It is necessary for your penis to maintain some flexibility during the routine so that you can manipulate blood flow.

Finally, aim your penis downward so that you can properly stretch the ligaments to make the most gains in inches both for length and girth. This is the ideal starting position, and now you are ready for the substance of the exercise with the proper grip and stretch.

2. Exercises

The basic grip of the standard and most effective jelq for length is done forming an “OK” sign with both hands. The jelq itself involves placing and holding one hand at the base, and moving the other slowly toward the head of your penis for a 3-count. When aiming for an increase in the thickness of your penis, you can increase the count of the v-jelq below to a count of 5 seconds.

Wet Jelqing

Jelqing using water-based or silicone lubricant is the most common way of attempting to increase size. The lubricant in wet jelqing helps to minimize discomfort during the stretching of the tissues of your penis. However, some may find it difficult to control the blood flow of the penis when using lubricant. Additionally, lube is not always available or discreet.

Dry Jelqing

A dry element to your weekly jelqing routine is helpful if you find you need to incorporate jelqing into your busy schedule or while you are supposedly sleeping next to your partner. Dry jelqing may be more difficult and less comfortable, but in some cases the increased control over the penis could result in better results over time.

Lateral Jelqing

If your penis has an undesired curvature, you can use jelqing—perhaps one day per week—to reduce the curve by making the “OK” movement in the opposite direction to the bend. Lateral jelqing should also be effective for increasing the length and girth of your penis by emphasizing change to the tissues through exercise.


For maximum improvement to the thickness of your penis, grasp the penis in a “V”-shape between your middle and ring fingers—palm up. Pull upward to stimulate growth to the sides and girth of your penis.

3. Recovery

The growing and stretching of your penis is solidified by long periods of rest when the tissue of your penis accommodates its new length and girth. Without a substantial period of rest, you may notice unsightly effects to your penis’ appearance such as red dots of irritation, swelling, and scarring without proper use of moisturizer. The most effective routine is done with consistency up to 4 times per week with 24 hours of rest between each session for healing and recovery.

Final Thoughts: Creating a Personal Jelqing Routine

A long list of penis pumps and supplements, a longer list of pills and awkward conversations with doctors—these are no part of a strong and effective jelqing routine. Jelqing is a simple and successful way to increase the length and girth of your penis overtime—and it is even effective at decreasing unsightly curvatures.

The best experience with a jelqing routine will come from combining the four techniques discussed above to increase length, control blood flow, decrease curving, and enhance thickness. Think about what would make your penis picture perfect for you and create a routine jelqing 4 times per week, every other day, for just twenty minutes.

Jelqing on your own is a man’s way of taking life and biology into his own hands, and it saves many men wasted time and money by offering results at arm’s reach. Don’t stop for the nonsense at the gas station counter making pill promises, but do work at your ideal little man. Using these techniques, it is all that simple, but don’t forget to invest in a quality and pleasant lubricant to get the job done right without having to stop your stretches to reload.  Also, I suggest that you click here to view a program that I recommend that uses natural tactics to increase penis length and girth.

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