Jelqing Exercise Results For Beginners – The Joy of Increasing in Size

Jelqing is a method where the penis is enlarged using the thumb and index finger so as to force blood into the glans and boost vascularity. It works in two ways that are rebuilding and enlarging the spongy tissues in the penis and secondly lightening the muscles of the penis. Also, click here to view a program that I recommend to my readers that contains helpful remedies.

Jelqing Exercise Results For Beginners

These workouts are for advancing the firmness and penis size in men that even a beginner in jelqing can perform. These methods cause the erectile muscle to be sturdier, boost the length, breadth, and thickness of an erect penis.

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It is performed on a semi-erect penis. It is one of the natural ways that increases the blood held in the erectile tissue. Recently an anecdotal data had shown that penis length increases, while penis girth remains the same.

What to know before jelqing;

There are various things to note before starting jelqing and they are as follows; It is performed when the penis is in a semi-erect condition. One must attain partial erection before beginning the process. If one chooses to do wet jelqing then the choice of lube is important. During the process, one should apply pressure that is comfortable to them under intense pressure may lead to pain and bruises. And lastly but not least, avoid jelqing while in the shower and avoid using soaps as lube.

Before starting the exercise one should know that warming up and cooling down are essential as they help prevent injury to the penis. During jelqing, one should be careful so as to avoid penis injury and soreness. To avoid these one should not grip too tightly, avoid squashing the glans and there should be no ejaculation during the process. When gripping,  one should be careful on the amount of strength used around the base of the penis.

Types of jelqing

There are two types of jelqing that are dry jelqing and wet jelqing. Both methods focus on realizing penile girth and increase in length of the penis. Dry jelqing as the name indicates is done without any lubricants while wet jelqing is done using lubricants. Wet jelqing is said to be quicker as it draws more blood than dry jelqing. According to research conducted, men prefer dry jelqing as it offers a better and quicker pump to the glans while others discourage it as it pulls the skin. When it comes to which method to use, it varies from one person to another. There are a number of variations one can try to boost their gains, side jelqing, v-jelqing, 1-handed jelqing and mini jelqing. All these variations have their own ways of ensuring successful results at the end.


There are two types of lubricants for jelqing namely water-based lubricants and oil-based lubricants. Lubricants are important as this exercise requires intense pressure. When using water-based lubricants, water is added to the mixture. For wet jelqing, the best lubricant is baby oil or albolene. According to research conducted, water-based lubricants are mostly used as compared to oil-based lubricants.

How to perform jelqing

The first step is warming up the penis for about 5 to 10 minutes to relax the penis.  Lubricate the penis with Vaseline, baby oil or any lubricant. Ensure that the penis is partially erect. Use the thumb and index finger to form an OK grip to repeatedly and constantly elongate and pull. When doing the OK grip, start from the base of the penis. For this process to effective and productive one has to follow strictly to the schedule and maintain a certain level of self-discipline. Jelqing requires steady training along with immense patience for at least six months to get a visible result. It is recommended doing jelqing exercises for 15 to 20 minutes daily.

Jelqing too intensely and often can result in the erectile tissue damage, so one should be cautious. Hence through these exercises, the blood capacity in the erectile tissues intensifies making the penis to increase in size. Stretching and pulling is the most used in jelqing as they aid in the increase of blood held in penis structure during an erection.

Results for jelqing

The result depends on individuals as after doing jelqing exercises for several months, most men gain up to an inch of penis girth which is up to 7% and two inches of penis length. When it comes to jelqing, there are short-term and lasting results. For short-term results, change lasts only 1 to 2 hours due to an increase of blood. while for the long term the results as seen after one month if the exercise is regular. Penis girth is hard to attain as compared to penis length. After jelqing one can expect as much as an inch in length.

Benefits of jelqing

For Beginners here are some of the benefits associated with jelqing. First of all, there is a better flow of blood as one massages the veins in the penis. Through this there are harder and stronger erections, one is able to attain and maintain erections, one is able to erect for a longer period during sex and there is increased size and girth of the penis. According to research conducted this process boosts self-esteem and confidence in men. It also straightens penis curvature. Hence it’s a productive way to enlarge and lengthen the penis without risks.

In conclusion, jelqing has proven to be an effective technique of increasing the length of the penis. This is because it maximizes the expansion of the spongy tissues in the penis. Jelqing as seen need people who are patient as results may vary. In addition, there are other supporting tools that men can use to combine with jelqing to increase the length and girth. For instance, click here to read about a program that I recommend to my site viewers.


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