How to Use Black Seed Oil for Premature Ejaculation

Are you facing problems in bed? Do you feel you are letting your partner down because of your problem? Premature ejaculation is no joke. It is a serious condition that can affect a person’s self-esteem and outlook on sex and relationships. Its physical and mental effects can put unwanted stress on the body and mind, further worsening the condition. Click here to view a program that I recommend that deals with premature ejaculation.

If you are looking for a cure but want to stay away from shady medicines and experimental treatments, then we have the right herbal remedy for you. Black seed oil has been used for centuries and has long been touted for its near miracle like benefits, especially when it comes to sex. Black seed oil is a consumable remedy that can help enhance your libido, strengthen your core so that you last longer, and help with premature ejaculation.

How to use black seed oil for premature ejaculation? Black seed oil can be taken orally once a day. Measure out pure black seed oil at around 4 ml, which is about a US teaspoon, and take it in the morning as part of your daily routine for results within weeks.

Black seed oil will not only help with your premature ejaculation issues but will also provide you with a lot of other benefits. These benefits range from better sexual performance to high fertility and even erectile dysfunction.

Why Black Seed Oil?

What is in black seed oil that makes it so beneficial for men?

Well, black seed oil has many micronutrients – the most important one that stands out is zinc. Out of all the micronutrients, black seed oil is favored for its zinc content which works in tandem with other nutrients to provide its well-known miracle-like benefits for men.

Zinc is the 3rd most abundant trace element found in the body and while you can get it from most nutritional sources, the zinc contained within black seed oil actually has a compound effect due to the combination of other trace elements mixed within the oil. Black seed oil not only aids in premature ejaculation but also alleviates other performance related problems in bed.

While this special concoction of micronutrients helps your body in many ways, we will mostly look at the benefits it can provide you in the bedroom.

Sex and Black Seed Oil

Black seed oil has been used by humans for centuries. It was first believed to have an effect on inflammation and was used to treat many pain related problems. It was later discovered that black seed oil had a direct effect on the male reproductive system, especially for people who had performance problems in their sex life.

It has since been marketed for its performance enhancement benefits. Black seed oil is thought to cure a long list of performance issues ranging from erectile dysfunction to premature ejaculation.

Premature ejaculation (PE), as the term suggests, is caused by the male finishing way sooner than he or their partner would want. This can lead to embarrassing situations, especially for guys who tie premature ejaculation as a sign of low masculinity.

Premature ejaculation is actually much more common in men than you would think. It has many physical and mental causes, stress being the main reason behind some PE cases. Chronic stress can wreak havoc in all areas of the body and can disrupt many of its functions. In fact, the most common reasons for premature ejaculation are because of psychological factors such as anxiety, depression, and even the fear of rejection.

Stress and other psychological factors lead to low libido and dull sex life. Black seed oil can reverse the effects by reducing stress and aiding the reproductive system by strengthening it. The oil can also help in altering your mood by relaxing the muscles and the body, and it can also boost your immune system so that you can combat diseases more effectively. Black seed oil can be used orally or by mixing it with other consumables like vegetables or fruit. It can also be enjoyed by making a healthy salad dressing as well. In fact, you can find many recipes online that call for black seed oil.

Keep in mind that you should only consume around 4 ml of it per day, which is around a US teaspoon. You may also divide the dosage into two and take it two times a day, preferably in the morning and night time. Exceeding the dose won’t provide you with extra benefits or quicken its metabolization in the body. The body will always dispense with what it doesn’t need.

Consuming too much can lead to other complications such as vomiting and nausea. Remember, too much of anything can make you sick. You need to stay consistent with the dosage and take it regularly to see results. People find it best to divide their dosage in two. So, for one teaspoon or 4 ml, you can take 2 ml twice a day at different times. Try taking it 3-4 hours before you intend to get busy in the bedroom as it will help the diffusion of oil into your system.

You will start to see positive results within weeks of consistently taking the right dosage of black seed oil. You will also slowly start to see improvements in the bedroom. You will notice that it not only helps you with your premature ejaculation problem, but it also helps in keeping your penis stiff for longer. The zinc and other micronutrients present in black seed oil aid in the better circulation of blood as well, keeping you alert and in more control of your ejaculation.

Black seed oil can also be used in cooking but the heating process of refined or cooked oil might diminish its effects. You are better off consuming a teaspoon of raw and pure black seed oil. The oil can also be applied on the skin, even though its effects can vary from person to person.

People claim that a few drops of black seed oil can be applied on the skin for a harder and longer erection as when the oil is rubbed on the skin, it produces heat from which the body reacts by sending a rush of blood to the penis. This results in a quicker and harder erection. It may also partially numb the penis, making it comfortable enough to have sex and to last longer in bed.

While this claim may vary, it is worth a try versus going the medicinal route. Many people offer unregulated pills in the market which claim to help you achieve a happier sex life. Trust us, when it comes to your body and the reproductive system in general, you are better off trying herbal treatments first.

Taking black seed oil with a healthy diet will provide you with much better results. Remember, it’s not just the black seed oil that makes you better, but you need to feed your body with the right nutrition and introduce exercise to metabolize the oil effectively within your body.

It is also worth mentioning that your PE problem might have other underlying issues as well, and while black seed oil is harmless on its own, it would be wise if you could consult a urologist as well. If it’s anything other than psychological factors such as anxiety, stress, or depression, then we suggest you take a more medicinal route for your recovery. If not, then you should definitely incorporate black seed oil to recover safely and improve your sex life.

Related Questions

Can black seed oil only be taken orally? Black seed oil should be taken orally in small doses but can also be applied over the skin. If you want to apply it over the skin then you should use not more than a few drops. A note of caution though; you should stop if it irritates your skin in any way.

Can black seed oil cure my premature ejaculation permanently? Black seed oil is most effective when consistently taken within the normal dose range. If you are taking black seed oil regularly, then chances are that you might never have to face performance issues again.

Does premature ejaculation affect fertility? No, premature ejaculation does not affect your fertility. Although, it would be best if you were to test your sperm at a clinic to make sure that there aren’t any other underlying issues that may be causing your PE.

Can premature ejaculation go away on its own? There is a chance that you might recover from the condition without doing anything to directly affect it. Sometimes men go through cycles in their life that affects their sex life. If you are less stressed later in life then chances are you won’t have PE later in life. I suggest that if you have been suffering from this condition for extended period of time that you check out a program that I recommend by clicking here.

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