How to Make Up for A Small Penis?

If you feel that you are average or below average sized, then this article is just for you.

You must’ve heard this thousands of times in your friends’ circle or on TV that “women enjoy big penises”. While it’s more of a personal preference for a few, most women don’t even care about your penis size.

What they care more about is whether you know how to properly work with the tools you have. Regardless of your penis size, the important thing is that you know how to work with it and use it to your advantage. Nevertheless, there are tactics that can help to enhance the size of your penis, click here to view a program on penis enlargement that I recommend.

How to make up for a small penis? It’s not about size, but the technique and approach towards sex. If you are not naturally endowed, then foreplay is king if you want to move the attention away from the penis size and satisfy your partner.

Before we begin, you need to first understand why everyone talks about the size and why countless polls show that women hardly ever reach orgasm during intercourse, regardless of the penis size. Carefully read what we are about to tell you below.

Does Size Matter?

If you have been fed the age-old notion that women only enjoy sex if there is a large penis involved, then chances are that you are not alone. Men have been brought up with this belief and pop culture has only strengthened that ideology over the years.

Additionally, porn has made matters even worse with its depiction of ridiculous body standards. Keep in mind that everything in porn is staged. They are all actors and if you were to ask them point blank if they enjoy the sex they film, most would say that they don’t! This mindset of not being able to satisfy with a small penis is so widespread that it has spawned an absurd industry of its own where people sell snake oil in the form of pills that claim to increase your size.

There are, however, a lot of herbal and natural remedies you can use to enhance your libido and, in some cases, help with your size and girth. The reality though is that most men just have to work with what they have.

As mentioned above, you can find many online polls where women have actually declared time and time again that bigger penis size doesn’t matter to them if the person attached to it has no idea how to use it. Quite honestly, women would always prefer any size of a penis around the average size so long as the person knows what they are doing.

The best way to make up for a small penis is to work on your foreplay skills and technique.


Studies show that women who have foreplay before intercourse have a much better sex life, regardless of their partner’s size.

Foreplay is your ace in the hole. You need to work on it to the point that it becomes the only way you initiate sex. Think of the body like an oven. You would always want to preheat it before putting anything inside because not doing so might give you unsatisfactory results.

Foreplay primes the body for sex and loosens it enough that it becomes enjoyable for both. If you really want your partner’s mind off of your size, then you need to keep yourself and her busy. The more “work” you add into your sex session, the better the chances of both of you living in the moment.

Sex is not just the act of pushing and pulling your penis in and out of the vagina. It’s a very interactive activity which involves thought, intent, emotion, and passion.

Start by caressing your partner and kissing them. Feel their skin on yours and kiss them along their neckline. Make sure to be as gentle as possible because some women don’t prefer to get rough from the get-go.

Move your hands around and explore your partner’s body. Feel all her curves and grab them gently. Make your partner aware of yourself by looking directly into her eyes while your hands are on and about.

This kind of light and passionate foreplay will get her wet in no time! But you aren’t done yet, of course. Remember, it’s a courtesy to let her finish first. You need to put her needs before yours if you want to really satisfy her and make her not care about your size. Allow her to climax by rubbing her clit. Women can orgasm multiple times so you don’t have to worry about her being done with just one.


Once you have readied your partner with foreplay, you are now ready for your part.

How do you work with a small penis? Well, you have a ton of sex positions to choose from! The best for average sized guys is the modified missionary position where you lay on top of your partner and thrust in a plank-like position. You can support yourself by placing your arms on each side to lift your upper body and lay your legs down on the bed so that they lay flat while you are inside your partner.

This will ensure that you reach maximum penetration. Use a combination of grinding and thrusting on your partner. Try keeping your hands busy as well by groping and caressing. Lock eyes with your partner as you make love and kiss repeatedly.

Both parties have to be engaged and live in the moment. Don’t just have sex for the heck of it. You need to both be aware of each other.

Make sure that you don’t finish with just one insertion. Prolong and delay your ejaculation period by stopping in between, kissing your partner, and continuing in an irregular rhythm. This technique will make you last much longer than if you just continued thrusting.

If you really want to satisfy your partner, allow her to orgasm again by either asking her to rub herself or by pulling out and using your fingers to rub her. Communication is key. Keep asking her if she likes what you are doing or if she wants you to do it in a specific way.

The more open you are with your communication in bed, the more likely you are both to be satisfied. Your partner needs to clearly communicate her fetishes and likes/dislikes. Use that information to your advantage and apply it. You can also then shift positions and continue with the intercourse.

Another great position to make up for a small penis is the cowgirl position. Ask your partner to sit on top of you. This way she will be in control of the penetration level and movement which she can use according to her liking. Remember to keep your hands busy in this position as well as you would have much more room to move around with your hands.

The key to great sex lies not in the size but the way you have sex. If you buy into the false masculinity traps of pop culture and society, then you will never be able to get over your size and focus where it’s needed the most. Make up for your penis size by introducing new techniques, more foreplay, and different positions. You are really only limited by your own imagination when it comes to foreplay and sex. Besides foreplay, there are a few natural ways to make your penis larger that I feel that you should try out, click here to view a program that I recommend.

Related Questions

Can sex toys make up for a small penis? Yes, but we wouldn’t recommend that you use toys from the get-go as it will create a dependency in your sex life. Work with what you have by altering your technique and with wholesome foreplay. You can introduce sex toys later when you feel more secure about your penis size.

Can a small penis lessen the chances of reproducing? Size has nothing to do with your sperm. Your body will make sperm so long as you are healthy, and a healthy body leads to healthy sperm and fertility. Which means that whatever your size, you have the same chances of reproducing as someone who has a bigger penis.

Which position is the best for a small penis? Any position where you have more leverage and room for insertion is the best. Take the classic missionary position for example. It’s the ideal position for all penis sizes. You can also shake things up by trying different variants of the same position.

Can a small penis lead to an unhappy sex life? There is no defining reason for unhappy sex life or marriage for that matter. It would be much better if you and your partner could create an open communication policy where each shares their ideas and thoughts about sex openly. This way you will both know exactly how to satisfy each other.

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