How to Enlarge My Penis by Food – Eating to Growth

Men often feel insecure when it comes to one main area of their bodies: their penis. Many men feel like they do not measure up to expectations. There are pumps and surgeries that a man undergoes to increase the size of his penis. There is now an easier way to increase penis size without any pain or side effects. Click here to read about a program that I recommend.

A man’s diet can affect the size of his penis. It is now easy to learn how to enlarge my penis by food and what foods to eat to make the penis bigger. These foods will naturally help you increase the size of your penis without pills or going through any type of medical procedure.


You may never think that an onion can increase the size of your penis. When a person thinks of having intimate relations with another they often try to avoid onions before having sex. Onions do have some benefits when it comes to sex and will help increase the size of the penis.

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Onions allow the blood to flow around the body and to the heart. The blood can also reach the penis allowing it to become more engorged and bigger. Onions also prevent the blood from clotting allowing it to flow freely to the penis. The more blood that is able to get to the penis, the harder it will become. This will increase and make it look larger when you have an erection.


Many people have heard that salmon is good for the body. It contains omega 3 fatty acids that are good for cognitive development. Salmon is also helpful with the flow of blood in the body.

The omega 3 fatty acids are able to thin out the blood so that it can reach all areas of the body including the penis. Salmon will allow you to have a stiffer erection allowing the penis to become bigger. A nice salmon dinner can also be romantic. While setting the mood you are setting yourself up for a nice increase in size as well.


This vegetable will not increase the girth of the penis itself, but it will help it appear bigger once fully erect. There is another reason why men should eat plenty of broccoli. This vegetable helps to strength the muscles in the pelvic area.

This will allow you to have a better and stronger performance in addition with a penis that appears to be larger. Broccoli can be considered a super food for this purpose. There are a number of ways that you can eat broccoli. You can add it raw to part of your salad or part of a slaw. You can also eat it cooked as a side dinner to say your salmon dinner.

Dark Chocolate

Chocolate is good for the health and good for the penis after all. Dark chocolate is especially good at increasing the size of the penis. This chocolate contains flavonol.

This is a phytochemical that is found in chocolate and some other chocolate products. This food will help increase blood flow to the penis. Chocolate also tastes good so there will be no problem adding additional chocolate to your diet.

Sunflower Seeds

These seeds are easy to munch on and can help break bad habits such as smoking. Sunflower seeds are full of vitamin B5. This vitamin will help increase the size of the penis.

After you exercise, the body will become tired and you may notice that you cannot get an erection as quickly. Sunflower seeds will prevent this from happening and will allow your penis to recover quickly.


While tuna is not exactly considered to be a romantic food it can help men that are looking to increase the size of their penis. Tuna contains a compound which is known as L Arginine. This compound has been used to help men that suffer from erectile dysfunction for a number of years.

In addition to being able to help a man get and keep an erection, it can promote tissue expansion in the body. This will help increase the size of the penis while it is erect. Tuna just happens to be full of L Arginine.

This is the main ingredient found in supplements that are used for penis enlargement. All you need to do is enjoy some tuna or have a tuna sandwich as part of your lunch and the tissue in your penis will increase in size.


Honey contains a large amount of Vitamin B. in addition to keeping the body healthy Vitamin B can help increase the size of the penis. Honey will help increase the production of testosterone in the body.

The higher the testosterone levels are the easier it will be for a man to get an erection. His erection will allow appear to be fuller which will make his penis look bigger.

These are some of the foods that you can eat to help your penis naturally get bigger. While the actual size of the penis will not change, these foods can help in a number of ways.

This will increase the blood flow to all areas of the body including the penis. The more blood that is able to reach the penis, the harder it will become and it will increase in both size and girth. These foods are also able to expand the tissue in the penis.

This will allow more blood to get into the penis so when it is erect it can increase in size and hardness. There is no reason to have painful surgeries which can cost thousands of dollars.

A man will not have to take pills that can have harmful side effects. If you increase your intake of these foods as well as vitamins and minerals you will notice that your penis will seem to grow in size.

Eating these foods will help you get a bigger penis and both you and your partner will be impressed with the results. These methods will help you learn how to enlarge your penis by food. Also, click to view a program that I recommend that you should use today.


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