Does Whey Protein Cause Erectile Dysfunction?

If you take a deep dive into the past, you’ll find out that it was Hippocrates, the father of medicine who first prescribed whey protein to his patients. He said the ‘serum’ would help improve their health and treat various ailments. Doctors in Europe then followed suit.

Even today, protein still stands out as one of the best supplements for improving health. It’s a catalyst for building more muscle or losing weight. But recently, there have been claims that whey protein is unsafe. That it may even affect your libido. Is this true? Let’s find out whether this is true. Click here to see a program that helps your libido that I recommend that is completely natural.

Does whey protein cause erectile dysfunction? Whey protein powder does not cause erectile dysfunction. Whey protein is a very good addition to your diet and is fully utilized by your body. It indirectly helps prevent erectile dysfunction by reducing cholesterol in your blood vessels and also increases the amount of testosterone.

What’s Whey Protein?

Most people are misinformed about whey protein. Due to lack of sufficient knowledge, it has been easy for people to believe in baseless myths about whey protein.

Milk is made up of two main types of proteins: casein and whey. Whey is the liquid part of milk that’s a by-product of cheese production or the liquid that floats on a newly opened yogurt container. It makes up 20% of milk proteins. In the past, cheese makers had not realized how valuable it was, so they used to discard it.

You can’t blame them. It really doesn’t taste that good in its primary form. After it’s separated from cheese during production, it undergoes various processes and ends up in the powdered form that’s used as a supplement for in protein bars and shakes. It also comes in flavors such as strawberry and vanilla.

A diet consisting of whey protein is the most convenient way to add 25-50 grams of proteins on top of what you’ve been consuming normally. It’s that powerful. That’s why bodybuilders and gym enthusiasts find it useful. It helps increase muscle strength and mass. It’ll give you that lean and suave look that athletes have.

Compared to other types of proteins, this kind is absorbed and utilized very quickly by the body. Furthermore, it’ll help lower your cholesterol and help with weight loss. When taken in unconventional amounts, it’ll cause headache or nausea. People who are lactose intolerant should stay away from it as well.

Does Protein Intake Cause Erectile Dysfunction?

There is no reliable proof to show that whey protein causes erectile dysfunction. It has a lot of benefits for you. Click here to see a complete program that reverses erectile dysfunction that I recommend.

It indirectly supports testosterone production for men. If you feel different after taking whey protein and it affects your libido negatively, you could be taking a fake supplement instead that’s infused with steroids. Overreliance on steroids will lower natural testosterone production and lower your libido.

Erectile dysfunction occurs when the blood vessels in your penis don’t get enough blood flow to sustain an erection. So, it won’t stay hard or firm enough to sustain an erection. In older men, it could be due to atherosclerosis or diabetes. It’s a symptom of disease.

As we’ve seen, whey protein will even lower your cholesterol and help unclog your arteries. It indirectly helps supply enough blood to your vessels.

How to Prevent Erectile Dysfunction

Your penis is made up of tissues only. There’s no single muscle, that can be to help sustain your erection. The best way to prevent erectile dysfunction is to keep your blood vessels clear. That means if you don’t exercise you have to start doing so. If you have a weight problem that could be the reason you can’t get it up as well. You could start watching what you eat and start exercising.

Avoid medicine that has not been prescribed by a qualified professional, it’ll probably do you more harm than good.
If you smoke or drink too much alcohol, now’s the best time to get help quitting. Smoking can lead to E.D and is also linked to Heart disease

Also, avoid foods that have high fat content. That means cut meet off your diet and if possible, try going vegan. You should also avoid fried foods. It’s recommended that you follow healthy eating to eventually control your blood pressure. It’ll also help if you are diabetic.

Sometimes, the problem is not your body, but rather your mindset. You are probably not well aroused during sex. You could also be too anxious, wondering whether you’ll perform well in bed. Most men also worry about their penis size too. But don’t worry about it, it’s normal. You should just relax and enjoy your company. Also, make sure you and your partner are well aroused. The mind and body work as one.

For most women, penis size is not a deal breaker. What matters is what you do with it. But if you still can’t get it up, even after trying the above recommendations, then it’s time to see a doctor or a sex therapist. A doctor will be able to diagnose whether you have low testosterone. He’ll also be able to tell whether it’s a side effect of some drugs you could be taking. Drugs used to treat diabetes, prostate conditions, HIV/AIDS, high blood pressure, antidepressants, and antihistamines are some of the known culprits.

Why you should see a sex therapist if you have E.D

A sex therapist will help restore your confidence as well, even when physical factors are the cause. You don’t want your inability to get it up to strain your relationship. It’s a sensitive issue that could really blow up. Men with erectile dysfunction will sometimes hold back from initiating sexual contact.

They are usually anxious about their performance, and men don’t take shame lightly. It eats into their ego. Their partners could perceive this as a form of rejection. From there, things go south. Rejection leads to frustration and resentment, leading to failed marriages or relationships.

Therapists will teach you how to cross that bridge and make your relationship as intimate as it was. There are techniques for overcoming the anxiety that men have about losing an erection. A therapist will teach you and your significant other how to relax and even regain your erection after you lose it.

Related Questions

1.) What foods cure erectile dysfunction?

Leafy green vegetable like celery and spinach can help cure erectile dysfunction. They are mainly composed of nitrates. Foods such as beet juice also have a high concentration of nitrates. Nitrates help open up your blood vessels and create room for more blood flow to your penis.

Oysters also work wonders. Their high zinc content helps in the production of testosterone. Low levels of testosterone could be the reason why you can’t get it up. That’s why oysters have a reputation as an aphrodisiac.

2.) Is erectile dysfunction curable?

Yes. In most cases, erectile dysfunction can be cured. The most common form of erectile dysfunction is where men who once had a regular erection can’t get one now. Though rare, there are instances when a man has never been able to sustain an erection. This first kind is easily curable, even with exercise or sexual therapy. The second kind requires more intensive treatment. However, don’t try any drugs claiming to cure E.D without professional advice.

Take Home Message

Whey protein is a good addition to your diet. It will keep your body healthy and it’s utilized efficiently. It’s more of a superfood. Let no one lie to you that it affects your libido, while it’s even better than other forms of protein.

It’s not a steroid. It just naturally helps increase your testosterone levels.
However, if you are suffering from E.D, you could try losing weight, exercising or changing your diet. Sometimes it’s all in your mind. Maybe you’re too anxious before sex and that’s why you can’t get it up. Try to relax during sex, and if it doesn’t work just see a sex therapist. Also, click here to see a program that I recommend that deals with erectile dysfunction.

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