Does Testosterone Make the Penis Bigger?

Testosterone is the hormone that is responsible for male characteristics. This hormone is responsible for everything from the growth of facial hair to the penis. During puberty the testosterone levels in the body will increase, allowing the penis to grow. Still, some men are not happy with the size of their penis. Click here to see a program on penis enlargement that I recommend.

They do not think it is big enough. They want a bigger penis to increase their confidence and have a more active sex life. Many men wonder if increasing their testosterone will allow their penis to grow in both length and girth.

Testosterone and Penis Size

Testosterone does have a big impact on the growth and the development of the penis. Some research has determined that penis size is determined by exposure to testosterone at several points in development.

There are some things that may disrupt the release of testosterone in the body. This includes endocrine disrupting chemicals. If the testosterone and other hormones in the body are exposed to some of these things it can disrupt the growth of the penis and the genitals. There are some conditions that may affect the baby when they are still in the womb that can lead to problems with testosterone.

When Testosterone Kicks In

During puberty, testosterone levels in the body will begin to increase. This will help male development and will also help with the growth of the penis. Studies have also shown that if there is a testosterone deficiency in the body this can affect the growth of the penis.

The penis does not have a predetermined length but if there is a disruption in the hormones while a man is growing this will have an effect on his penis.

Will Testosterone Make the Penis Bigger?

The answer to this question is both yes and no. there are many things that will have an effect on penis growth. When the body is developing, testosterone will have a direct impact on the growth of the penis. when a man is an adult and is looking to increase the size of his penis, he may think about getting testosterone supplements to further increase the size of his penis.

According to many doctors, these supplements will have little impact on the growth of the penis. Adult men often do not benefit from the use of supplements that include testosterone.

Testosterone and the Adult Male Body

Testosterone will have an impact on the penis but only for a limited amount of time. During childhood and puberty, testosterone levels are linked to penis growth. As an adult, the male body will continue to produce testosterone.

A man will produce this hormone all during his life. Testosterone supplement has been shown to have no effect for men that are looking to increase the size of their penis.

Testosterone Supplement and the Male body

In adult males, testosterone supplement may have some effects that are not desirable. Instead of increasing the testosterone levels in the body, these supplements may have a negative effect on them.

Testosterone supplements in adult males can interfere with the natural production of testosterone. It may cause the body to stop producing testosterone naturally. This can lead to additional problems. A man may notice that these testicles may decrease in size.

Testosterone Injections

There is research being conducted on testosterone injections and penis size. A man that had a 2-inch long penis was said to be suffering from lack of testosterone. Doctors decided that they wanted to try to fix this by giving the man injections of testosterone.

The man was also suffering from a lack of body hair. Doctors gave him the injections and his penis was able to double in size. He has a relatively low amount of the male hormone. He has 55.99 ng/dL of testosterone in his body. The average adult male should have between 249 and 836.

In this case, the man was able to increase the size of his penis. Doctors are still studying this condition in the average healthy adult male. They are hesitant to give a man with an average penis size testosterone injections just to make his penis larger.

Penis Development

There are some steps that the body will use naturally to determine the growth of the penis. The penis will stop growing once a man reaches the age of 21. There are some people that believe in supplements but there is little research to support this. Doctors all agree that genetics is the only thing that will determine the size of the penis.

There are some things that a man may be able to do to make his penis appear bigger and help it along during the time that it is going to develop. Testosterone has been linked to muscle mass.

To help the penis grow as a teen a male can try to increase this muscle mass. Even as an adult if a man decides to increase his muscle mass his penis can appear to be bigger. When the man gets an erection his penis will be able to get harder and firmer allowing it to look bigger.

Penis Size When Grown

By the time a man has grown after the age of 21, his penis is not going to increase in size. It will stay the size that it is. The size of the penis cannot be changed without having a surgical procedure. There are some men that are able to see a spike in testosterone levels in their 20s.

Average Penis Sizes

Many men are not confident about the size of their penis. They may think that they have a small penis when it is an average size. The average length of the penis when it is erect is between 5 and 5.7 inches. The girth of the penis is between 3.5 and 3.9 inches.

While penis size will vary and there are some men that will be larger and smaller than this most man do not have to worry. If they are somewhere close to this range than they have an average penis. Many women also say that a man needs to know how to use his penis and that his sexual performance is more than just size.

Many men want to add testosterone pills or lotions to their daily routine to make their penis bigger. While it is tempting to use one of these products, there is little research that they stay true to their claims.

Does Penis Size Really Matter?

According to a recent study, it shows that men are more concerned about the size of their penis than their sexual partners. It seems more men are worried if they measure up.

The study reported that as much as 85 percent of women were happy with the size of their partner’s penis. Only a small percentage hoped that their partner would be able to increase penis size. No matter what the size of the penis is a man is still able to have sex. Penis size should not affect his sexual desire or his performance.

When to See a Doctor

Men still want to see a doctor talk about the size of their penis and if there is something that can be done to make it larger. Men also want to find out if testosterone can help increase the size of their penis.

While testosterone will do little to help the size of the penis, a man should still see a doctor. There may be some other options such as exercises that can increase penis size. If a man has pain or another problem in his groin he should see his doctor right away.

Pills and Lotions

There are many products on the market that claim they are high in testosterone and can increase the size of the penis. A man can go to his local health food store and see a number of products that claim to contain testosterone and can make the penis larger.

While many of these supplements will not harm the body, they will do little to increase the size of the penis. There is no research to back up the effectiveness of these claims. Before using any supplement including those that are said to contain hormones including testosterone, a man should check with his doctor.

There are some supplements that may cause negative reactions with other medications. A man may also notice that his testicles have gotten small due to the use of these supplements. This may be harmful to a man. He needs to make sure that the supplement is safe to use.

Foods and Testosterone

Men that are desperate to increase the amount of testosterone in the body and those that are looking to increase the size of their penis may turn to specific foods. These foods are said to increase the testosterone levels in the body.

There is little research to show that they are effective. Spinach is said to be a super food that is able to increase testosterone levels. While spinach cannot increase the level of this hormone, it is known to improve blood flow.

This may allow a man to be able to get a harder erection. While eating healthy is good for overall health, there are no foods that have been shown to increase the size of the penis.

Eating a diet high in fruits and vegetables can help the blood flow to the body and will aid in keeping a man healthy. This will improve his sexual performance and confidence in intimate situations.

Testosterone Injection

There are injections that a man can get and one of these injections is testosterone. This hormone can be added to the body if a man is not able to produce his own. Testosterone helps to develop muscle mass, helps the brain function, and supports a healthy sex drive.

Many men think that these injections can increase the size of their penis. Even with the injection of testosterone in the body, it will not increase the size of the penis. The penis will stay the same size.

Possible Benefits of Testosterone Injections

While added testosterone will not increase the size of the penis, it can help a man that is struggling with sexual drive and desire. Testosterone can help to improve a man’s libido.

It can bring back his sex drive and allow him to be able to get an erection. A man will be able to get an erection without a problem and he will have more control over his erection. Injections are a big decision.

A man needs to have a slow libido before and he should be lacking natural testosterone levels in order to be a candidate for injections. Before getting testosterone injections, a man needs to be aware that it will not change the size of his penis.

While his penis size may not increase, his sexual desire should increase. Before turning to injections, a man should speak with his doctor to see if this is the right choice for him.

Lifestyle Changes

While increasing testosterone levels will not make the penis larger, it will help a man with his desire and his ability to get an erection. There are some ways that a man can get more testosterone in his body besides injections.

A man should eat foods that are high in vitamin D and zinc. This will help increase the levels. There natural fats such as the omega fatty acids that will also help increase the testosterone levels in the body leading to increased sexual desire.

While a man may think that adding testosterone in the forms of pills, supplements, or lotions to this daily routine, these practices will not increase the size of the penis. Nevertheless, there is a program on penis growth that I recommend, click here to read about it.

In development, testosterone is responsible for penis growth. When a man is grown, there is little he can do to increase the size of his penis. Taking testosterone alone will not cause his penis to get bigger. There has been no research shown that testosterone will increase the size of the penis once a man is grown.

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