Does Onion Increase Libido?

Onions are the cornerstone of almost every savory dish today. They taste great in salads, sandwiches, burgers, and even fried as onion rings! But did you know that they can also increase your libido? Men who face libido issues and skip out on onions are probably missing out on the greatest natural treatment available at their disposal. Click here to view a guide that I recommend on dealing with libido problems and erectile dysfunction.

Does onion increase libido? Yes, onions are a natural and powerful aphrodisiac that can significantly enhance your libido. They can also help the body produce testosterone, which in turn can also increase your sexual stamina.

Let’s start with the basics. What is an aphrodisiac?

An aphrodisiac is an agent that boosts your sexual desires or incites you to have sex. This can be in the form of drugs, medicine, smells, and food. One of the safest and natural routes that you should go for is food because it comes with the least side effects, apart from a few such as the foul breath that onions leave you with.

Read below to learn more about how exactly onions can benefit your sex life while also strengthening and improving your reproductive system.

Turn Onions!

Libido issues haunt many men all over the world. It may not present itself as a problem for younger men but for most adults, libido problems are unfortunately not uncommon. In fact, various online polls will tell you that the number one issue that men face is that of performance in their sex life.

You will notice that there has been a striking increase in “online pharmacies” in recent years. Many companies will sell you medicine, sometimes in the form of snake oil, in order to scam you out of your money. If we are being honest, the claims that some of these online pharmacies make are just downright preposterous. You are better off staying away from these unregulated drugs and rather spend more time researching the benefits of natural remedies, especially onions.

The good thing is that onions are extremely easy to find. They are the fundamental ingredient in many diets all around the world. They are a necessary ingredient in subcontinental cuisines and are used in various forms. But before we get into how you should consume onions for the best libido results, let’s first discuss the overall benefits that are attached with introducing onions into your diet.

Onions and You

People have been cultivating and harvesting onions for centuries. The use of onions has been documented for as long as human civilization has existed. Their pungent taste and remarkable versatility have made them a staple for almost every processed and unprocessed food in today’s world! This is because onions make the best base for gravies and their sweet flavor after caramelization offer a great contrast to spicy foods. Chefs all around the world use onions as a base to develop complex flavors for their savory dishes.

Did you know that onions are used in not only fresh cooked meals but also in many seasonings in the form of onion powder? Whether it’s snacks or curry, you cannot quite get the right flavor without onions. Their versatility allows them to adapt and change in flavor according to the meal you use them for. For example, if you were to serve onions on a burger, you could use raw onions. But for a gourmet burger, you would use caramelized onions for an extra layer of flavor. We dare you to think of another tasty libido enhancing food.

Most performance issues are developed in men because of their poor diet choices and lack of necessary micronutrients, along with other environmental factors. You will be pleasantly surprised by how much of difference onions will make once you introduce them to your daily diet.

But, of course, all this goodness comes at a price as well. The truth is, many people skip onions because they believe that it might permanently change the way their breath smells. While it’s true that onions do affect your breath in unpleasant ways due to the sulfur-laden chemicals present in them, they are, at the same time, also the most easily treatable side effects of any food you can find. The notion of onion affecting your breath long term is false and having temporary bad breath is no reason to skip on onions!

If you truly want to invest time and effort in something natural for your libido issues, we highly recommend that you use onions as your go-to aphrodisiac. You can be very smart about using it as well to not affect your confidence because of bad breath. All you need is to brush your teeth with a menthol-based toothpaste and mouthwash!

The Right Way to Treat Libido Issues

Onions can be consumed raw, cooked, or sautéed. The multiple choices you have makes it one of the best foods that you can consume according to your taste palette. We recognize the fact that some onions are more pungent than others which can make it difficult for many to consume them daily, but there are several ways to combat their strong flavor.

If you don’t want to consume pungent onions then don’t worry, there is still a way for you to enjoy them raw. First, cut up onions whichever way you like, add in two tablespoons of lemon juice, and add salt to taste. Mix well and leave the mixture in the fridge for an hour and voila! You will immediately notice that their pungency will have been significantly reduced and they will become crunchy and juicy!

To make a libido increasing salad, cut, chop, or dice one full onion and then add in chopped green chilies, tomatoes, and olives. Mix in two tablespoons of lemon juice and add in salt to taste. Toss it all up and leave it in the fridge for one hour. Take them out and give them another good mix and serve.

This salad is packed with micronutrients that can significantly boost your metabolism, sex drive, and overall health. For best results, try to incorporate this salad to your diet daily. You will notice a change in your libido and overall health within weeks. Remember that while the salad we have proposed is the healthiest option, you can, of course, make it even more interesting by mixing in other ingredients to enhance the flavor. A word of caution though. The idea here is to make a healthy salad that focuses on enhancing your weak libido. Avoid heavy salad dressings and other unnecessary and unhealthy ingredients or you might end up defeating the purpose of making a healthy salad.

The thing about natural remedies is that they take time to affect your body positively. Trust us, it is much better than to take harsh medicines for short term results. You need to play the long game and think about your health and libido issues by focusing on the big picture. If you start to take care of your body now, you will seldom need medical attention in the future, whether it’s regarding your sex drive or your health.

Remember, you can enjoy onions in multiple cuisines. To make a testosterone boosting burger: sauté onions in a fryer until golden brown and then add in your favorite condiments to make a flavorful thick sauce. You can use this onion sauce over your burger for a very complex layer of flavor! We should warn you, however, that you are better off consuming onions off salads than from fat and cholesterol loaded burgers. Having it once a week isn’t bad, though. You should just keep an eye on your intake and be honest about not going overboard by incorporating fried onions or having onions with other unhealthy snacks.

An increase in testosterone can directly affect your stamina in the bedroom as well. Testosterone is responsible for maintaining a healthy balance and effectiveness of your reproductive system. It can also significantly enhance your sperm count and sperm health, increasing your fertility in the process as well.

Onions can also affect blood circulation and can help increase blood flow to the muscles. This can result in a harder and longer erection. For people suffering from premature ejaculation, onions can help them manage their condition and even overcome it in time. To see a guide on erectile dysfunction that I recommend, click here.

If you are looking for a natural remedy, your best bet is to try onions before anything else. The healthiest way to try them is by incorporating them in salads as we stated above. This citrus and tangy salad can do wonders not just for your libido, but also your immune system, skin, hair, and eyes. The juice that is secreted after the salad has rested for an hour in the fridge can also be consumed as a powerful “sex-tonic”.

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