Does body building increase penis size?

Some people will tell you that, if you’re into bodybuilding and you often spend some time in the gym getting in shape, it’ll also make your penis bigger and harder. Still, others believe that exercise contributes to size reduction. The internet is full of sites that advertise penis exercises, but the million-dollar question is, does it work? Click here to see a completely natural system for penis enhancement that I recommend.

Does bodybuilding increase penis size? Bodybuilding does not increase penis size. Here’s why not. Though the penis can enlarge and get hard, it’s primarily made of tissues and blood vessels. The absence of muscles in the penis is the reason why no kind of exercise can broaden its girth or make it longer.

How the Penis Works

As stated above, the penis is primarily made of tissues comprising of nerve tissue, erectile tissue and the connective tissues that hold the blood vessels in place. These tissues are spongy to allow for the expansion of blood vessels. Together, blood vessels and tissues form a mesh-like structure.

The walls of the blood vessels are responsible for the regulation of blood flow. They expand or reduce depending on the increase and decrease in blood flow causing intermittent changes in penis size.

Though your penis size won’t change when you exercise, there are some cases where it does shrink. Remember that the main cause of changes in size is blood flow into and out of the penis. If blood supply is directed somewhere else, then your penis will shrink.

For example, during exercise when blood is pumped to the muscles in your upper body to facilitate weightlifting, or deep breathing during exercise, then your penis will be relatively smaller. And when you’re done exercising, and your body goes back to its normal state, it will return to its standard size.

Blood flow is initiated by the nerve impulses through the rich supply of nerves that branch to all parts of the penis. Here’s where exercise comes in: When you exercise, it helps improve the efficiency of your nerves and makes it easier to initiate penile tissue response. This then increases blood flow to the penis resulting in an erection. Exercise can help you get lasting erections easily since it increases blood flow. This is why it’s the first thing doctors recommend for people with Erectile Dysfunction.

Once we are past adolescence and puberty, the size of a penis does not change. But if you exercise consistently, improved blood flow will keep your arteries active such that they’ll be able to hold the maximum about of blood they were meant to sustain. Exercise can only help adjust your penis to its maximum girth or length but not increase its size.

Exercise and Substances at the Gym That Could Hurt Your Penis

Shielding your penis from any harm is important. It has an impact on your self-image. You’d think that most people acknowledge this fact, given how sensitive the penis is, but people try a lot of exercises and products that may result in tissue damage. Just so that they can have a bigger penis.

These below exercises are not gym-based, but bodybuilders might be trying tactics at home that they feel can influence the size of their penis.

Here are some ways you could be hurting your penis:

  • Excessive use of vacuum pumpsVacuum pumps are used for a thicker girth. When used consistently they’ll cause significant changes. However, the difference in circumference may also be a result of tissue damage. When used excessively or inappropriately, a vacuum pump will cause the tiny vessels enmeshed in the penile tissue to burst. It can lead to complications such as internal bleeding in the urethra. Furthermore, there won’t be any changes in the length of your penis.

Though it’ll make your penis thicker, the skin will become scarred. Usually, it’ll turn spongy, such that even if you get an erection, you won’t be able to sustain it.

  • Silicone injections – Some bodybuilders at the top level have tried silicone injections to enhance different muscles groups, such as the calves. There are some who opt for silicone injections for increasing the girth of their penis, but it’s also a harmful practice. In some cases, it will make your penis uneven, with lumps forming randomly. Due to the addition of silicon, your penis may hang downward even when erect. Case studies have shown severe cases of damage as a result of silicon injections when done by a nonmedical person. Injected silicon is seen as a cheap alternative for penile enlargement but it contains contaminants that result in gross distortion and sexual dysfunction.
  • Other exercises, weight or devices – Note that your penis is not a muscle, so treating it like you do with biceps is not a safe practice. Don’t try to lift anything with it. It’ll hurt your tissues. You risk tearing your blood vessels or fracturing your penis which may lead to internal bleeding.
  • Kegel Exercises– You’d be forgiven to think that Kegel exercises are only for women, but they work for men too. A consistent routine of Kegel exercises can help improve your sexual performance and bladder control as well. Your bladder and bowel play a part in your sexual function. They are supported by the pelvic floor muscles, which sometimes are weakened by factors such as an overactive bladder or recent surgical removal of the prostate.

Here’s how to do it: just squeeze the muscles you would use to hold in urine. First, try it when lying down, then when you get better at it, you can do it while sitting or standing.

Remember to only focus on tightening the pelvic muscles only. If you do it wrong you won’t get the intended results. Don’t involve your abdomen muscles or your thighs and buttocks. Make the Kegel exercise part of your everyday life. Do a set at least three times a day. You could also combine them with routine exercises such as brushing your teeth. Less urine leakage is a good indicator that you’re making progress.

Remedies for A Small Penis in the Gym Setting

Though there are women who say size doesn’t matter, we know most men are more confident if they possess a bigger penis. It matters because men worry about it – it’s a general query on google.  There are situations at the gym when a man may be trying to attract the attention of a woman.  Wearing bulge enhancing underwear may be the solution.  You can do a quick search on Amazon to see some examples.

Being overweight will make you think you have a small penis, even when its size is above average. If you’re overweight, body fat could be clouding your judgment, try losing weight. Add cardio into your workouts.  Just 20 minutes of added cardio will help to reduce your level of body fat.

There’s also the possibility of using regenerative medicine. Though not yet at its prime, it could be an option in the future.If you still can’t shake off the feelings of inadequacy, try measuring your penis. To do that, first, position a ruler such that it’s at the base of the penis, right where it’s attached to the body. Then gently press it further into the pubic area as much as you can without hurting yourself.

Nevertheless, surgery is an extreme message. It might be solution for some men that are gym goings that are OK with doing whatever it takes to improve their bodies.

Compare your measurement to that of the average penis size from base to the tip of the glans. Also, remember that doctors only classify a penis as “small” if it’s below three inches.

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1.) Small Penis at the Gym?

In 2015, the British Journal of urology carried out a study regarding the average size of a penis. The study revealed that the average size of an erect penis was about 5.2 inches, and 4.59 inches when flaccid. As you increase your muscle mass at the gym, your penis will look relatively smaller, nevertheless most women are not interested in being with a man that a super size penis.


Unless your doctor tells you otherwise, don’t fall for products or exercises that claim to increase your penis size. They’ll cause more harm than good. As long as you have positive feelings about your body and an encouraging partner, your penis size should be the last thing on your mind. Nevertheless, I do suggest that you click here to see a natural program that is guaranteed.

Men overestimate other men’s penis size, believing it to be more than six inches. This distorted view could be due to watching lots of porn. Rather than worrying about it, stick to healthy habits, work out to keep fit and avoid alcohol or smoking.

These habits, more than anything else, will help you build your self-image and improve your confidence in bed.

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