Top 15 Construction Worker Pick Up Lines that Work

When you first meet someone, you need to open up quickly by adding a little bit of humor into the situation by using construction worker pick up lines.  It is a way to step outside of your comfort zone and by joking around with them.  However, your goal is not to offend them by doing so.

There are three things that all successful pickup lines do: first, they help you to start a conversation; second, they move you in for creating a great impression; and, finally, they can help you move things smoothly into the next logical step after contact and conversation have been established.  Click here to view a program on communicating with women that I recommend. 

Construction pick up lines are great fun if you use them on the opposite sex even if you’re not interested in them sexually. It will turn you into an instant comedian as long as the pickup lines are not too offensive.   Being Cheesy is great for pickup lines and they’re great for starting conversations with the opposite sex, or on dating sites that make it hard to introduce yourself to someone that you’ve never met before that is online.

Construction worker pick up lines work well for someone that is blue-collar.  They tend to be slightly rude, but they can be great conversation starters, and also using them will make you feel better if you’ve been burned by the other person.  It is a way of regaining your sense of pride. Also, male to female blue-collar pick lines are great for tinder introductions. 

I will now go into my top 12 picks that I have found online for people that are electricians, plumbers, or just general construction workers:

Construction Worker Pick Up Lines

My first pick-up line for a construction worker works well because you will be stressing to women that you’re trying to express how beautiful they are.  It’s not sexual in any way and it’s a great way of opening up to her by using laughter.

1.So tell me,  are we splitting the construction costs?  I wanted to know if this is true because you now have just shattered my ceiling of how beautiful a woman can actually be.

The next pick up line a little bit more sexual, but it’s not blatantly sexual which makes it okay to use on a woman especially in the situation where the setting is more relaxed such as in a bar.

2. Are you a professional construction worker?  I’m asking you if this is true because you are erecting my Monument.

Erecting a huge monument is an interesting come on line because it’s not sexual, and it is a play on words which is going to put you in a better light intellectually.  It also refers to her level of beauty which is a  great compliment for most women.

3. Are you a roadside construction worker? Because you are bright and double fine.

Carpenter Pick Up Lines

Here are a few carpenter pickup lines.  I noticed that a lot of them are based on wood because of the reference to a hard-on as being solid piece of wood.  So these ones are a little bit in your face, especially there are delivered in a setting that is inappropriate. I wouldn’t use one of a pick up line that refers to someoneès nuts or a woody if you were to find yourself in an elevator alone with a pretty woman. She might just end up slapping you in the face and then pushing the emergency stop button.

5. I’m a very dedicated Carpenter and I’m presently hammered. Would you like to be nailed by me?

6.  I was wondering if you were a discount carpenter because you already give me some wood free of charge.

Come on Lines For Electricians

You may like to use one of the electricians’ pick up lines.  They are numerous due to references to sparks, knobs and plug, and high voltage shocks.

For instance, you could use some of the following to see if there’s some type of electrical activity happening between you and your love interest.  Electrical activity could be one way of saying that there are sparks happening in your heart.

7. Is it just me or are there actual sparks between the two of us?

The above pick up line for an electrician is low-key and it’s not sexual in nature. But it does give the person the sense that you are attracted to them and that you’re hoping that they are attracted to you.  It’s much better than coming right out and saying that you’re feeling something for someone especially if this is your first time meeting them.

Nevertheless, with mechanical and electrical terms,  you have to make sure that you’re not being too high tech with your pick up lines.  They have to be lines that the general public would have knowledge of.  For instance, since you could ask the following:

8. Are you considered high voltage? I was just wondering because you seem to really turn me, almost to the extent that I’m ready to blow a fuse.

I added the fuse aspect to it to make it a little bit longer and to make it seem as if you put a lot of thought into your statement.  This is going to really cause the woman that you’re attracted to,  to feel very relaxed around you.

Best Plumber Pick Up Lines

If you want to use a plumber’s pick up lines, you’re going to have a lot of different options because of the references to pipes, and water that is gushing out of pipes.   Piping refers to a penis.

9. Would you like to Tinker with my pipe?

This is referring to your plumbing which is slang for your sex organs.   I guess this is okay to ask this question if you’re in a bar setting or if you’re trying to get a reaction out of someone on Tinder.  Just remember that it might be a turn-off.  

Another pick up line that is forward, and slightly confusing, is related to Plumbing and to sexual activities.

10.  I just sprung a leak, I was wondering if you could fix it?

This can be interpreted in a sexual way, or in a way that’s probably not something that you were planning on. People could feel that you’re leaking urine into your pants.  Urination is not an enticing presentation to make of yourself. Make sure that you use some other lines beforehand to get the right interpretation.

Since mechanics use a lot of different tools such as a large wrench, nuts, bolts, there are a lot of pick up lines that can be used that are sexual in nature.

 Of course, you do not want to get too technical, because it’s going to take away from the humor aspect.

Since a drill is slang for a penis, you could just focus on a drill and you could come up with your own unique pick up lines or use just use the following:

11. Would you like to get drilled by me?

This come on line is extremely forward and it’s something that you only should use as a last resort or if you know that you’re probably not going to score, to begin with.  Is a blatant way to state to somebody that you would like to have sex with them and you have to be very cautious when using this phrase because it can be a complete turn-off.

If you would like to be less forward, you can add a twist into it and this is what well get your point across but it’s not going to be as in your face.

12. I’m not a mechanical engineer, but I do know how a drill works. Would you like me to demonstrate on you?

The following come on line is another pick-up line that combines screws and a drill.  A drill is slang for the penis and a screw is slang for sexual intercourse.   I guess you could call this a pick up line that is a double whammy.

13.  I wonder if you were a screw? Because if so, I really would like to pin you on the wall and drill you.

Non-offensive Construction Guy Pick Up Line

I thought it would be appropriate to add in construction worker pick up lines there were more low-key that would probably work and that would not be offensive to the opposite sex.

14.  I really felt as if this night was going down the drain.  Then I glanced over at you as you had walked in.

This one above is actually romantic in a sense as it puts you in a good light that is non-sexual.

If you notice a girl in a bar or another social setting that seems to be around a man that you have protected as not being a boyfriend you could use a line to find out if she is with that man or not.

Construction Worker Pick Up Line to See if She is Single

15.  Is that guy your boyfriend?  Because if he is, that really puts a wrench in my plans.

What I like about this pick up phrase is that it’s not forward in any way.  It vague enough meaning that you’re not really referring to what your plans are with her, even though they might be sexual in nature.  Also, this is a way of finding out if she was free to be with you or that she is taken.

Cable Guy Pick Up Lines

Another profession is related to construction is that of the cable worker.  A lot of women have fantasies about cable men coming into the place and finding them attractive.  I would advise you just to use these pick up lines on your social network account or on a dating site such as Tinder.   Female prospects would be a little bit nervous if you were to be an actual cable installation man, and then you used the following line on her during the cable installation:

15.  Now that I have hooked up your cable, you are required to hook mine up now.

When to Use Construction Worker Pick Up Lines

You need to be careful when you use pick up lines and make sure that you are in an environment that is carefree and where everyone feels safe,  such as in a bar where is she might be surrounded by her female friends.

Nevertheless,  if you’re feeling as if someone has offended you on a site such as Tinder, you can easily turn them off by using one of these lines.  You will be convinced that you are a jerk and they will leave you alone.

Here is a video highlighting some pick up lines that may work for:

How you behave and engage after the pickup line is deployed can be just as important as the selection of an attractive pickup line since you will need to push the conversation and interaction to the point of mutual satisfaction and interest. Click here to view a program that I recommend on how to really learn how to communicate well with women. 

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