Best Way to Gain Girth – Growing Guidelines

She says that size doesn’t matter, but deep down you know that it does. You’re trying to pretend that you are okay with it, but you are not. It’s drastically interfering with your love and sex life. A lot of men have insecurities about their penis girth. 60% of these men shy off from addressing this issue. That is why most men are looking for the best way to gain girth. Click to view a program that I recommend that deals with girth problems.

Despite the fact that most of these fears are self-created they can affect one’s performance in bed. You may probably think that there is nothing you can do about it, but there actually is. Below are the best ways to gain girth. These methods have worked for other men, and they will, therefore, help you out.

What is the Average Penis Girth?

Before we dive in on to some of the techniques that will help you gain girth, it’s essential you familiarize yourself with the average penis girth. The average mid-shaft circumference for a flaccid penis ranges in between seven and a half to nine and a half centimeters.

When erect, the circumference increases to between eleven and thirteen centimeters. However, these measurements do vary depending on aspects such as weight and age. When you intend to increase your penile girth, you should regularly measure so that you note the results.

How do you Measure Girth?

If you don’t measure your girth, how will you know that there’s an increase? Most men often ignore measuring because they expect the size to increase overnight. If you have decided to do exercises that will boost girth, you need to be patient. Measuring girth will help you notice improvements and progress.

You will require a tape measure, a string and a marker. When erect, wrap the string around your shaft and use a marker to indicate the point where the string meets. Transfer the ring to the ruler and read the measurements.

You will have identified the girth of your penis. You can use those measurements to compare your girth with the average girth size. Additionally, you will use those measurements as a starting point as you begin exercising to increase your girth.

The Best Ways to Gain Girth

Increased penile girth is a topic that has raised a lot of discussions worldwide. There are some people who have achieved impressive results over a short while by using creams or pills.

It is true there are medications that can help increase girth, but you never know the side-effects that may accompany taking that drug. Some creams have proven to be perilous. It’s advisable to start out with natural approaches because they are safe.

As mentioned above, it’s highly impossible for your girth to increase overnight. You have to be committed and consistent. Below are the best ways to gain girth.

  1. Jelqing

Jelqing is a technique that has been used since the ancient times to increase girth. The process helps increase blood circulation and pressure in your penis. As a result, it can help increase both the girth and the length of the penis.

For you to see good results, you should incorporate jelqing into your routine. Be consistent, and in a month or two you will be able to note an increase in your girth.


If you aren’t familiar with jelqing, this is how it’s done.


  • Begin by lubricating your penis. It will help make the exercise comfortable. You should use oils that are skin-friendly such as coconut oil because the penis is a sensitive body part.


  • For better results, ensure you have a partial erection.


  • Immediately you get a partial erection, put your index finger together with your thumb. Do as if you are making an Okay Sign.


  • Using that OK grip begin rubbing your penis from the base as you climb up to the shaft area before the glans. The grip shouldn’t be average, not too tight or too lose.


  • Do this for ten to fifteen minutes.


Don’t worry if you don’t notice any changes in the first weeks. Do this daily, and after at least two months you will be able to note improvements. Always avoid jelqing with a fully erect penis because it can be painful. It’s a useful technique.


  1. Squeezing

Squeezing has helped a lot of guys increase their girth size. It’s a new method of gaining girth, but it should be done carefully. However, it’s very do-able.

How to Squeeze?

  • Get a full erection.
  • Make an Ok Sign with both hands just like in the Jelqing technique.
  • Grip the base of the penis with one hand as the other squeezes your penis.
  • While still gripping the base, squeeze the penis at varying points.

The idea behind squeezing is to create pressure on the penis. The pressure, in turn, stretches out tissues, therefore, increasing your girth. As mentioned above, squeezing requires extreme care. Don’t create too much pressure. It’s effective, but you should stop once you reach your limit. You can do it five times on a daily basis.


  1. Stretching

Stretching exercises are great because they will not only help increase girth but also increases length. Stretching is easy, all you have to do is hold it behind the head and pull for twenty to thirty seconds. You can stretch it out in all directions; left, up, right, down and even straight. It helps increase tissue size.

However, similar to squeezing, you need to know your limits. Overdoing it may lead to injuries. You can wrap a warm towel before the exercise. It will help loosen it up. Always stretch when the penis is flaccid or partially erected.

Do it with a flaccid penis if you are starting out, you can progress to stretching with a partially erected penis later on. Take short breaks in between stretching sessions.


  1. Edging

Edging is a regular exercise that helps alleviate premature ejaculations. You’re probably wondering how edging helps increase girth. Edging entails holding yourself back from orgasm for the longest time possible.

During sex, your penis is only erect for a few minutes. Once you are done, it goes back to being flaccid. However, when edging, your penis will stay in a fully erect state for longer which will stretch the tissues in your penis for an extended period.

Final Thoughts

The above techniques are the best ways to gain girth. You can use a penis extender or pump to help you with the exercises. Always start gentle and slowly work your way up when doing these exercises. Make a routine that you should strictly adhere to.

Finally, don’t forget to discuss this with your partner. Not only will she understand but she will also help you out with the exercises. If you are feeling insecure about your penile girth, it’s high time for you to do something about it. Also, click here to view a guide that I recommend to my readers.


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